The annual percentage rate (APR) for the Journey℠ Student Rewards from Capital One® is much higher than its competitors. However, it costs a lot for a reason. Capital One charges a 19.8% (V) APR for this student credit card because it is intended for students with limited or average credit. The idea is that a student can use this card in order to build credit via responsible use and receive some rewards in the process. The card reinforces responsible behavior by providing a bonus every time you make a payment deadline. You will receive text and email alerts so that you are always aware of the state of your account. You will also have access to your monthly credit score and an interactive tracking tool to monitor your credit. And if you want the card to sport a picture that you provide, it is a supported feature.

Annual Percentage Rate
The Journey℠ Student Rewards from Capital One® is a student credit card that does not offer different APRs for different credit histories. The APR for purchases is 19.8% (V), which is also the rate applied to balance transfers. The rate begins immediately once you start using the card. There is no free or discounted introductory period. If you use the card for a cash advance the APR is 24.9% (V). The grace period is 25 days, longer than the legally required 21 days during which you are allowed to pay your bill without interest.

Rewards & Redemptions
This college student credit card rewards you with 1% cash back on all purchases. If you pay your bills on time, the cash back is 1.25% of your purchases. If you use discount shopping online and in selected stores, the cash back is sometimes as much as 15%. This program is called Bonus Rewards and the rewards have the same value as the other rewards that you earn by using the card. Of course, if you return the merchandise you lose the reward. To redeem accumulated cash back you can call or go online. Or you can set a threshold for the system to automatically redeem your cash back. There are three ways to receive cash rewards: check, account credit or gift card.

Fees, Fines & Features
There is no annual fee and no charge for balance transfers or international purchases. If you make a late payment you could pay up to $35. But if you pay on time the lender increases your cash back reward by 25%. The Return Check Fee is also up to $35. The card also includes Visa’s travel and emergency assistance services; you can telephone Visa 24/7 and receive the following assistance for free:

  • Emergency message service
  • Medical referral assistance
  • Legal referral assistance
  • Emergency transportation assistance
  • Emergency ticket replacement
  • Lost luggage locator service
  • Emergency translator service
  • Prescription assistance
  • Pre-trip assistance

Other services include auto rental collision damage waiver, warranty manager service and $100,000 worldwide automatic travel accident insurance.

Journey℠ Student Rewards from Capital One® Summary:

The Journey℠ Student Rewards from Capital One® costs more than most student cards because it extends itself to students who do not have superb credit histories. The card returns 1% of all purchases in the form of cash back. Card holders also have access to an online discount store and certain brick-and-mortar retailers that will return more than the basic cash back bonus, sometimes as much as 15%. The rewards are good and the features are great. But the most important thing, APR, is not so great.

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Journey℠ Student Rewards from Capital One®

The Journey℠ Student Rewards from Capital One® offers 1% cash back on purchases.

The APR is too high to be competitive.

The Verdict
: 4.95/10

It is not obvious why anybody would prefer this student credit card. It costs too much and doesn’t offer much.